Changing the Snap To settings on a page or spread in the StudioWorks+

Easily change the Snap To settings in the StudioWorks+ editor to make refined movements

The Snap To setting in StudioWorks+ controls the distance objects move when selected or nudged on a page. You can control this setting to provide more refined movements.

From the View dropdown menu in the StudioWorks+ editor window select:
View > Snap To (Your Choice) - This will set the Snap To settings to the choice you select for this session. These settings will only be applied for this session and will not be remembered the next time you log in.

The following Snap To options are available:
Snap To 1 Point - Moves elements at 1 point increments
Snap To 3 Points - Moves elements at 3 point increments
Snap To 6 Points - Moves elements at 6 point increments
Snap To 1 Pica - Moves elements at 1 pica increments

These options may also be set globally per user by going to View > Preferences. Once set at the Preferences level, the setting will be applied to all pages each time a user logs in to StudioWorks+.