Creating staff logins for StudioWorks+

Use StudioBalfour to help manage user permissions

Every staff member will need a unique login to work on the yearbook. This gives you full control to manage permissions for each staffer, assign pages and track history.

To create a user, go to StudioBalfour > Manage > Project Users, or click Project Users in your shortcuts found on the right side of the Dashboard. Click "Add" and then type in all pertinent information, including an email address. Each user must verify their email and set up their own unique password.

No email address available? A non-email address user can be set up with the highest permission level being a Designer.

The permissions of each position are as follows: 

  • View Only - No page editing capabilities.
  • Photographer - Add/Edit Photographs, View-only for pages.
  • Designer - Add/Edit photograhs, Open/Edit pages.
  • Editor - All permissions of a Designer, plus manage capabilities over project users and pages.
  • Adviser - All permissions of an Editor, plus publishing capabilities, stores setup management, reporting, on-campus ordering entry.