How can I manage sections in the book?

Advisers can view and manage the book sections, deadlines and staff assignments, all in one place.

When the adviser logins, the Book Settings wizard shows four tiles. Select "Organize Your Yearbook." From here you can choose different views.
The Section view shows a clear overview of spread topics assigned to each section of the book. Add a title to a spread by double-clicking on the untitled field below the spread. The titles of photo Collections are created from these spread names to aid in photo management.
To create a new section, click on the plus icon (+) at the bottom of the default book section. Drag single or multiple spreads to different section names to move spreads to that section. Page numbers are updated automatically. Click the “x ” to delete an entire section. All spreads must be removed from a Section before deleting. Use the arrows in the section header to reorder sections. The triangular caret icon allows individual section views to be minimized. The Deadlines are set in step two of setup. To assign single or multiple spreads to a specific deadline, select and drag to that deadline group. Spreads not assigned to a deadline will remain in the Unassigned category. To assign staff members to a spread, select the spread(s) in the Staff view and choose the student from the available list at the bottom of the window.