How can I see what pages I have already submitted in StudioBalfour?

Quickly reference page submission details in StudioBalfour.

After every page shipment, Balfour updates your project and send a Copy Receipt Acknowledgement PDF to the email on file for your school. This information is also available in StudioBalfour by going to Manage > Project Details > Page & Signature Statistics.

The pages of your yearbook are shown in 16-page sections, also called signatures. Reference the key at the top of the page for an explanation of the color and icons shown on each page. A date will be displayed over the page number, indicating when a page has been received by the plant.

Any possible Problem Pages will be listed with a short description of the problem under the signature display. It is important to clear problem pages right away with your Account Executive to keep your yearbook on track.

A PDF copy of page submission details can be downloading by clicking "Print Report".