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How to use AdSpace to collect student or business ad content

Use AdSpace to collect content for your ads

AdSpace allows your buyers can upload their own images and text while still allowing your staff to control the design of the ads in the book. In the tutorial below, we walk through both the purchaser's view as well as the adviser's view for retrieving ad content.

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1 Let's look at the new AdSpace experience from the customer point of view. Once they have purchased an ad, they can go to My Account on Balfour.com and click My Orders.

Step 1 image

2 Click View Order.

Step 2 image

3 Click Edit Now to begin uploading images and text to the Ad.

Step 3 image

4 In the Ad Content area, there is a textbox where the ad message can be entered. A countdown appears on the right letting the user know how many characters they have left.

Step 4 image

5 In the Ad Images section, the user can click Choose File and upload an image from their computer.

Step 5 image

6 Scroll down and upload as many photos as desired.

Step 6 image

7 When ready, the user can  choose SUBMIT MY AD or FINISH LATER.

Step 7 image

8 The user is asked to confirm their submission by clicking Yes.

Step 8 image

9 Now let's explore the adviser's perspective once an AdSpace ad has been submitted. Log in to StudioBalfour and click Manage.

Step 9 image

10 Click Ads Manager.

Step 10 image

11 There are several ads in this project, so let's click Status to find the one just submitted. 

Step 11 image

12 Click the filter icon.

Step 12 image

13 Click Select All to toggle off all the ads. 

Step 13 image

14 Click Submitted to view only ads in this status.

Step 14 image

15 You can locate the desired ad by student name or by date submitted. Click the pencil icon to review the ad.

Step 15 image

16 This window allows the adviser to Edit the ad, Approve the ad so it's available for download, Reopen the ad to allow the parent to edit again, or indicate that the ad was received on campus. In this case, we'll choose Approve Ad.

Step 16 image

17 Now, StudioBalfour will prepare the ad for download. To find the ad again, we need to look for the Download Ready status. Click the filter icon.

Step 17 image

18 Toggle all the statuses off again by clicking Select All.

Step 18 image

19 This time, let's view ads with the status of Download Ready. 

Step 19 image

20 Another way to locate the ad is to sort by the Updated field. This brings the most recently updated ads to the top. 

Step 20 image

21 Lastly, click the download icon to download the ad images and text. StudioBalfour will zip all content before downloading it, and the folder will be named with both the student's name and order number. 

Step 21 image

22 That's it. You're done.

Step 22 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners