How do I activate or deactivate ImageShare in StudioBalfour?

Controlling who can access your ImageShare portal is easy.

Crowdsourcing with ImageShare is a great way to gather additional photos for your yearbook. ImageShare can be activated by following these instructions:

  1. Log into StudioBalfour
  2. Click the Summary tab in StudioBalfour.
  3. Locate the Project Info section and choose "Edit"
  4. Click the "Enable" checkbox next to ImageShare.

For added security, enter an upload code to give to parents and students.

Downloadable marketing flyers and helpful ImageShare guides can be found in StudioBalfour under Build a Book > Software Resources > ImageShare.

Deactivating ImageShare

To restrict ImageShare uploading, use the same instructions above to uncheck the "Enable" box in the ImageShare settings. Once access is disabled, users will receive an error message saying uploads are closed when trying to upload images from the app.