How do I connect my Google Drive to Encore?

A walkthrough of how to connect your Google Drive to Encore for photo upload.

1. In the Photo Manager, click on the green plus sign in the bottom right corner. 

2. In the window, click on upload from Google Drive.

3. You will be prompted to login to your Google Account. Additional verification may be necessary through a confirmation number.

Shared folder in Google Drive:

  •  Go to Google Drives website, Navigate to the shared drive folder
  • Right-click the folder they want to have access to
  • Choose Add Shortcut to Drive and choose to place it in "My Drive"
  • Go back to Encore and go through linking account and it will appear in the folder list.


Use Google Drive for Desktop(which requires download) and then navigate in Finder/Explorer to the G: Drive to your Shared folder when choosing upload Photos in Encore and all files will be accessible.