How do I create cut outs or remove the background of images in StudioWorks+ Editor?

Easily create cut outs or remove the background of images in StudioWorks+ Editor

1. Click More from Image Inspector.
2. Click on grab image.
3. Select Outlines from the Tolerance pull-down list.
4. In the Size list, select an eraser size (from 1 - 40 pixels).
5. Click the Eraser tool.
6. Begin outlining your subject(s). The area you ‘paint’ in red will be removed when you save your changes.
Note: Don’t worry if there are small gaps between your red outline and the subject - those can be filled in later.
7. Completely outline the edge of your subject(s), making sure there are no breaks in the red area. If your subject bleeds to an edge of the image, make sure your outline extends completely to the edge.
Note: You can use the oval or square tools to quickly outline geometric shapes. Set line weight in the Size list. If you have the wrong eraser size or otherwise don’t like the quality of your outline, it may be easier to start over. To do this, click Reset Image. This removes all erased areas from your image.
8. When you’ve completely outlined your subject(s), Click the Pixel Wand and click anywhere in the background area (the part of the image you want to remove).
9. Click Fill. This will erase (‘paint’) the remainder of the background in red.
10. Fill in any gaps around the edge of your subject.
Note: Reduce the eraser size and enlarge the image scale for close-in work. Holding Shift while you draw ‘un-erases’ previously-painted image areas.
11. Click Preview to see what the image will look like without the background (the white area will be transparent).
12. Click OK to save changes and close the Image Editor.
Note: Image Editor edits are applied to singular images; the original image is unaffected. Edited images cannot be duplicated – create .PNG images with transparent backgrounds for multiple-use images.