How do I create index pages for flowing in StudioWorks+?

StudioWorks+ has pre-designed index templates or you can draw your own

Flow to Pre-Designed Index Pages:
1. Open an index page/spread by selecting the Edit tab and double-clicking the thumbnail of the page or spread.
2. Draw text boxes in columns on the index spreads. This is where the index names will be flowed. You should draw text boxes on every spread in the index section that will contain index entries.
3. Select each text column and right click the mouse to select Enable for Flowing.
4. Once you have enabled every text area column for flowing, save and close the spread.
5. Flow the Index – In the Pages Window, select the Section Master for the Index from the Manage tab. Click Section Set Up button The Index Settings window enables you to set the style and format of the index entries, leaders and page numbers. Use the drop-down menus to select: Entry Style, Font, Font Size and Hanging Indent.
6. Click OK and dialog box will close.
7. Click Flow.