How do I edit portraits in StudioWorks+?

You can edit student information as well as replace a portrait with a retake.

To edit portrait information:
1. Double-click on the thumbnail of the portrait
to be edited.
2. Click in any field to edit the portrait information. Choose the attributes tab to edit or add teacher, homeroom and other information.
3. To replace the picture, click the Replace Portrait
button. Search for the new image on your computer
and click Open. The portrait will be replaced.
4. Checking the Include in Index box will include the
entry in the Index.
5. Clicking the Include in Portraits box will include
the entry in the portrait sections of the book.
6. Clicking the Is Teacher box will denote the entry
as a teacher.
7. Click the Save button to save your changes.


Note: These actions can be made in List View, similar to editing a spreadsheet. Click on the List tab to edit portrait data in List View. Place your cursor in a cell to edit its contents.