How do I enter on-campus orders in StudioBalfour?

Keep track of all your book sales in StudioBalfour.

StudioBalfour helps keep all your sales in one place. By setting up a online store  and using our on-campus order entry, we make it easy to see all your sales at-a-glance, helping you and your staff reach your sales goals.

To enter on-campus sales, be sure you have first set up an online store. 

Don't want to sell books online? While a store must be set up to enable on-campus entry, it is possible to restrict your store so items cannot be purchased online. Once you have selected and priced all the items you wish to sell in the Store Setup, use the toggles next to each item, turning off the option to order online. Keep the toggles set to of for on-campus ordering.

Once your store is setup, follow these steps:

  1. Log into StudioBalfour
  2. Navigate to Sales and Orders > On-Campus Orders.
  3. Click the Add New Order button to enter a new order.
  4. The fields at the top of the screen are search fields that can be used to reference previously entered orders.
  5. Fill out all required customer fields, and enter quantities next to any items purchased. If a product was sold at a different price than what is currently showing, just type the correct amount in the price field to override.
  6. Add any accessories, if applicable, and enter the amount paid and payment method.
If the email address field is used, a receipt will be automatically be emailed to the customer. 

HINT: You can also access the On-Campus Ordering screen via the Bookmarks section of the Dashboard.