How do I add content to my pages in Encore?

Add images, graphics, templates, and backgrounds to your pages and myContent.

Begin with opening a page you want to work on. From the editor, select either the Photo Manager icon or the Library icon, depending on the content you want to work with.

  • Select the backgrounds, templates, photos, or graphics you want to add to your spread.
  • From the pop up menu at the bottom of the screen, select Add To Page or Add To MyContent.

Add To Page loads your cursor with the content selected and takes you to the page open to place the content directly on the page.

Add To MyContent loads the content to myContent in the right toolbar in the page editor. From the toolbox, the user can drag and drop the content onto the page. myContent is spread-specific. When users add assets to myContent, those images and graphics are automatically assigned to the spread open on the Mainstage. 

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