How do I open the Type Inspector in the StudioWorks+ editor?

Easily open the type inspectors in the StudioWorks+ editor.

The type inspector allows users to make edits to individual textboxes or selected text. Change the font, color, spacing, kerning and more by opening up the Type Inspector.

From the Format dropdown menu in the StudioWorks+ editor window select:
Format > Type Inspector - Opens the tab/palette to show Type Inspector on screen.
Or use the shortcut keys - Ctrl+T

If you wish to apply the same text settings to all the text in a box, simple select the box with the Selection tool (arrow). If the box turns red, you have entered the edit mode. Click off and try selecting the box again with one click. You can also apply some text settings to multiple boxes at the same time by holding down the SHIFT key and selecting multiple textboxes.