How do I print a Fedex label in StudioBalfour?

Print a FedEx label right from StudioBalfour for plant shipment needs

To print a FedEx label in StudioBalfour for proof returns or plant submission, following these steps:
1. Log in to StudioBalfour
2. Click Manage > FedEx Shipping Label
3. Verify all shipping information and make any updated necessary
4. Choose your "Drop-off Type" which indicates whether you need a Fedex Courier to pick up the package from your school or if you will be dropping your package in a nearby dropbox.
5. Click "Generate Shipping Label" to download a printable PDF of your label.

Once you have printed out your label, affix it to your package, covering any previous shipping labels (if applicable). It is recommended to keep a copy of your airbill for reference and tracking.