How do I recognize my students in photos in Encore?

With Facial AI, Encore can match your portraits to those pictured in your candid photos

Upload your candid photos into Encore and assign to a collection.

6- upload photos

Any photos that have not gone through matching will also appear in the unidentified collection

From the unidentified collection, or the main collection you tagged your photos to, click on the three dots to run facial recognition.

7-run facial recognition full screen

7-run facial recognition close up

8-run facial recognition from collection close up

A pop-up message will appear to let you know the process has started, and again when the process is complete.


To run on an individual photo:

Select the photo and from the pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen, run facial recognition.

8-run facial training on indiv photo full screen


Select the photo and expand into full view with the arrows in the top right corner of the thumbnail and then select run facial recognition from the bottom of the screen

extra-run facial recog on indiv photo expanded

Any students recognized will automatically be tagged to the photos, be sure to confirm the correct students are being identified.

confirm- conform tagged people in photos

After photos go through the recognition process, they will be removed from the unidentified category and reside in the collection they are tagged to.