How do I submit my exact quantities in StudioBalfour?

Let the plant know your final numbers by submitted exact quantities on time.

Your yearbook contract or renewal will be loaded into the Balfour system based on an estimated number of pages and copies. These numbers are estimates, giving you flexibility when you sell more books or need additional pages. The Exact Quantity (EQ) Deadline is based on your delivery season, and it typically 8-10 weeks prior to your final deadline date.

You will receive a reminder approximated 10 days prior to the exact quantity submission deadline. Access the submission page in StudioBalfour by going to Summary > Exact Quantity Management.

When submitting your exact quantity, be sure to take into account the number of books currently sold online as well as on-campus. This is a good time to make sure all your on-campus have been entered into StudioBalfour. Before submitting your EQ number, you can hold a number of unsold copies in the "reserved" category to set aside for administrators, school board members or other groups set to receive complimentary copies.

IMPORTANT: If your exact quantity number is higher or lower than the number on your contract and specs, be sure to check with your rep to receive updated pricing.