How do I toggle the Object Outline markers on or off in the StudioWorks+ editor?

Easily turn the object outline markers on or off in the StudioWorks+ editor.

By default, StudioWorks+ shows the outline of all objects to help users identify the bounding boxes of images, textboxes and drawn objects. When these objects do not have a fill or image inside, the outlines make it easy to see if your object is correctly placed on the page. This setting can be adjusted at the user settings.

From the View dropdown menu in the StudioWorks+ editor window select:
View > Preferences > View Tab - Unchecking Show Object Outlines hides the object outlines showing text boxes in the StudioWorks+ editor.

Turning off the Object Outlines can make identifying the edge of an image, textbox or other drawn object difficult if it does not contain an image, fill or stroke. If you are unsure which lines will print on a completed page, view it as a proof. All non-printing outlines will disappear on PDF proofs.