How do I use the Content Pane in the StudioWorks+ Editor?

The Content Pane provides access to the content uploaded to your Galleries in the Content Window.

Open the Galleries Pane by clicking the Content tab on the right side of the screen (under the Inspectors tab). Clicking the tab again will hide the Galleries. There are three main areas in the Content Pane:
Galleries – Browse the main Gallery: My Content, Portraits, Templates, Modules, Section Masters, Clip-art or Backgrounds.
Sections – Browse the sub-folders in each Gallery.
Content – Thumbnail previews of the selected contents.
1. Select a gallery.
2. Select an image.
3. Drag and drop an image or story thumbnail onto the layout or a frame.
4. Click tab to show/hide galleries.
Note: You can drag and drop images from the Galleries Pane directly onto page layouts or onto any object.