How do you adjust an image’s size or position in the StudioWorks+ Editor?

The StudioWorks+ Image Inspector Adjust Tab changes the position of the image within the frame.

Settings in the Image Inspector Adjust Tab affect the position of the image within the frame (use the Object Inspector to adjust settings for the frame itself).
Crop Style – Changes the display of the image within its frame. Options are: Crop (default), Stretch, Tile, Fit, Fit as Needed.
Offset – Moves the image horizontally (X) or vertically (Y) within the frame.
Rotation – Rotates the image within the frame. You can also rotate images directly on the screen. To do this, double-click to select the fill, and then right-click for menu choices to rotate 90º clockwise or counterclockwise.
Scale – Scales an image horizontally (X) or vertically (Y). By default, images scale proportionally - click the connector line to unlock proportion.