How do you merge text with an image in the StudioWorks+ Editor

Text can be merged with an image in StudioWorks+ to create dramatic effects.

1. Click the Image Tool in the toolbar.
2. Draw an image box and place an image into it.
3. With the box still selected, click on the Text Tool. Click on the image. A text cursor will appear in the top-left corner of the box.
4. Enter your text and format it for size/emphasis alignment/leading.
5. De-select the image by clicking an open part of the page.
6. Click the Image Tool again, then double-click the image. Eight square handles appear around the edge. The text and image are now merged.
7. Open the Image Inspector and click the Text Merge tab.
8. Click the Merge With: Image checkbox. The image and text will merge.
9. [Opt] Double-click and hold on the merged image text to pan the image behind the text. (Note: repositioning can be slow.)
10. [Opt] Set the frame fill/stroke/transparency in the Object Inspector. The text and image will remain merged.