How to apply portrait templates?

Navigating the library and myContent to apply and customize portrait templates.

Before flowing portraits on the pages, all pages need to have a portrait template applied. To begin applying templates, make sure a page is open in the editor.

Portrait templates can be found in multiple places.

1. In the library > coverage > portraits 

2. In the library > SimplyCreate > All SimplyCreate

Note for 1 and 2: Select the template and then from the bottom menu pop-up, select add to page to place on page, or select add to myContent to load content to the page open.

3. In the page editor > myContent > portraits and index

4. In the page editor > myContent > custom template

All portrait templates are customizable and can be edited.

Note: Portrait templates are hard coded with their specific order. Rearranging of portrait boxes or flipping template disrupts proper flow order