How do I upload portraits to StudioWorks+?

Uploading a PSPi portrait CD to StudioWorks+

For best results, copy the contents of
your PSPI image CD into a folder on your
hard drive before importing. This will
make importing your images faster.


To upload your portraits from a PSPI disc:
1. Copy the contents of your PSPI image CD
to a folder on your hard drive.
2. Navigate to Portrait Data in StudioWorks+ and click the Import button.
3. When the dialog box opens, click the Open PSPI file button.
4. Locate the Index.txt file on your hard drive, select
the file and click Open. This will display the student
names from the disc in StudioWorks+.
5. Click Upload Portraits to upload student pictures
when the button activates.
6. Close the dialog box when the portrait upload is complete.
7. Click Refresh.
8. Delete the folder from your hard drive on which you
copied the PSPI CD contents. It is no longer needed.