Planning Your Year in StudioWorks+

Use the calendar and dashboard to keep track of all deadlines and tasks.

StudioWorks+ helps plan not only a project but also the entire year. The Calendar (in the Planner Window) and Dashboard help keep track of tasks, events and deadlines as well as the entire project.

Adding Users to Your Yearbook Project

The primary login to StudioWorks+ enables adviser-level permissions, which allow complete access and control. If you are working with staff or other volunteers, you can add users to your project at (select current year’s project, Manage > Project Users). Each user can be assigned a specific role (ex: editor, designer, photographer) which permits them to access features related to their user role in StudioWorks+.

Using the Calendar

The Planner Window features a monthly interactive Calendar and List views. Events, assignments, and deadlines can be added, and the Planner can be filtered by assignee, type and status.

To add a task:

  1. Click the Planner icon.
  2. Click the    button to open the View Planner Task dialog box.
  3. Select the task type in the Type drop-down menu.


  1. Select the staff member to be assigned in the Assigned To drop-down menu and fill in the date
    and description fields.
  2. Use the Status drop-down menu to set the assignment status. The status will affect the task in the Planner and Dashboard windows.
  3. Enter information in the Grade field if necessary.
  4. Click the “Send Reminder” box to generate an email to the staff member if an email address was provided during setup. StudioWorks+ will send a reminder email at 6 a.m. the day the task is due.
Page-level assignments are made in the Pages Window.


  1. Complete the date and description fields.
  2. Click the Show to Staff box to show the deadline or event to all users.

The Filters Tab enables filtering of the Planner tasks by owner, type and status. Clicking an arrow will expand the menu and show the filter options available under each group and hide the other task. Clicking on the List tab will display the Calendar information in List View. The List View can be filtered like the Calendar View.

Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a snapshot of project and staff activity. It shows information collected from the project and the Planner.

  1. Mouse over to view status.
  2. Colors reveal page status: not started, in progress, complete, published. Click to go to pages.
  3. Users other than the adviser/administrator see only the deadlines and assignments that pertain to them.

Status Area

The Status Area shows an overview of the project status with three graphics: project completion, image allocation, and page and signature progress.

Project Completion

The Project Completion bar gives you a high-level graphic of how you are doing. As you move through the project, the bar will change colors based on pages started, completed and published.

  • No Color – Not Started
  • Green – In Progress
  • Yellow – In Progress with Warnings
  • Red – In Progress with Errors
  • Light Blue – Completed
  • Dark Blue – Published

Moving the mouse over the status bar displays a tooltip with more detailed information: total pages in that status, percentage of pages in that status, and total pages in the project.

Page and Signature Progress

The Page and Signature Progress graphic shows a page-by-page breakdown of page status using the same colors as the status bar. Scrolling over a page displays a tool tip with the status. Clicking a page opens that page in the Pages Window. The following color codes indicate page status:

  • No Color – Not Started
  • Green – In Progress
  • Yellow – In Progress with Warnings
  • Red – In Progress with Errors
  • Light Blue – Completed
  • Dark Blue – Published

Activity Area

The Activity Area shows an overview of tasks related to the project. It is populated by information entered into the Planner. The area is divided into Deadlines & Events and Tasks.

In the Activity Area, non-Adviser users will see only current and past tasks assigned to them.

Notes Area

The Notes Area includes alerts, tips and other information from Balfour. Clicking an entry opens a new Web page with more information about the topic.