The Shortcuts Toolbar in BalfourTools

Understand the BalfourTools shortcuts toolbar.

The Shortcuts Toolbar provides easy access to features commonly used in BalfourTools and InDesign for producing your yearbook.

  1. Shortcuts
    Toggles the toolbar from the Shortcuts toolbar to the Home view with the Navigation icons, and vice-versa.
  2. Open Document
    Opens an existing InDesign document from your
    project folder.
  3. Save Document
    Saves the active InDesign document.
  4. Book Preview
    Creates a PDF preview of your entire yearbook and opens it in Adobe Reader®.
  5. Preflight
    Performs the InDesign preflight command on the active InDesign document.
  6. Export PDF
    Makes a PDF of active InDesign document and saves it in the Submissions Folder Book Preview.
  7. Character Palette
    Opens the InDesign character palette for quick
    character formatting.
  8. Check Spelling
    Opens the InDesign spellcheck palette to quickly check for and correct spelling errors in the active
    InDesign document.
  9. Library Palette
    Opens the Balfour Design Library, a collection of more than 200 design elements that can be dragged and dropped onto spreads.
  10. Swatches
    Opens the InDesign swatches palette.
  11. Paste in Place
    Pastes whatever is copied to the clipboard in place.
  12. Text Wrap
    Opens the InDesign text wrap palette.
  13. Stroke Palette
    Opens the InDesign stroke palette.
  14. Links Palette
    Opens the InDesign links palette.
  15. Mark Name for Index
    Marks a proper name for inclusion in the index (entry will appear Lastname, Firstname).
  16. Mark Subject for Index
    Marks a subject for inclusion in the index (entry will appear as it does on the page).
  17. Create Index
    Generates and flows an index of all marked entries and places it in the project’s Index Folder. Please see the Creating a Yearbook Index section for more information on creating an index.
  18. Add A Note
    Opens the InDesign Notes palette so you can add a
    non-printing note.
  19. Flip-Flop
    Allows users to mirror elements of a page or entire spread horizontally or vertically.