What are the Basic Editor Commands in the StudioWorks+ Editor

Understanding the differnt tool buttons in the Studioworks+ Editor Toolbar

1. Selection Tool – Select or drag objects (images or text).
2. Image Tool – Draw a box for image placement and activates image commands.
3. Text Tool – Draw a text box for typing copy and activates text commands.
4. Shape Tools – Draw different shapes as elements or drop objects into any shape.
5. Add Note Tool – Add a non-printing sticky note to your page.
6. Text Alignment – Align left, align center, align right, justify, align vertically top, align vertically center, and align vertically bottom.
7. Text Emphasis – Bold, italic, underline, and outline.
8. Type Size
9. Type Font
10. Save
11. Cut
12. Copy
13. Paste
14. Undo
15. Redo
16. Zoom
17. Page Numbers
18. Menus (fly out)
19. Alignment