What keyboard shortcuts are available in the StudioWorks+ editor?

Speed up page editing in StudioWorks+ by using our wide range of keyboard shortcuts

Below is a full list of keyboard shortcuts available in StudioWorks+.


ctrl+W - Close
ctrl+S - Save
ctrl+shift+U - Revert to Saved
ctrl+Z - Undo
ctrl+shift+Z - Redo
ctrl+X - Cut
ctrl+C - Copy
ctrl+V - Paste
ctrl+A - Select All


ctrl+L - Copy Left to Right
ctrl+shift+L - Copy Right to Left
ctrl+M - Mirror Left to Right
ctrl+shift+M - Mirror Right to Left
Ctrl+Shft+D - Bring the Grids and Guides to the front

ctrl+F - Find
ctrl+R - Replace
ctrl+shift+; - Check Spelling
ctrl+B - Bold
ctrl+I - Italic
ctrl+U - Underline
ctrl+O - Outline
ctrl+shift+Home - Zoom to Fit Window
ctrl+up - Zoom In
ctrl+down - Zoom Out
ctrl+1 - Zoom 100%
ctrl+2 - Zoom 200%
ctrl+left - Zoom to Last
ctrl+right - Zoom...dialog pop-up
ctrl+T - Type Inspector
ctrl+shift+R - Toggle Rulers


ctrl+G - Group
ctrl+shift+G - Ungroup
ctrl+shift+F - Bring to Front
ctrl+shift+B - Send to Back


ctrl+E - Enable for Flowing
ctrl+D - Disable for Flowing
ctrl+M - (inside text box) Mark Name
ctrl+shift+M - (inside text box) Unmark Name