How do I manage my codes?

Add and Manage all QR codes in StudioBalfour

Add sight and sound to your yearbook with! These QR codes are hosted on a secure, non-searchable server, with guaranteed protection for 30 years. Access the management portal to download QR Codes, upload/update videos and brand your channel.

To get started, log in to StudioBalfour and choose Build a Book >

Adding QR Codes

Click the "Add New Code" button to generate a new code for placement in your yearbook. After agreeing to the terms of service, you will be asked to enter some general information about the code you are adding. This information can be updated at any time.

Please note: Before adding a code, be sure to visit with your representative about additional costs. Once a code has been added to your project and used, it cannot be deleted.

Attaching Videos to a QR Code

Once a code has been generated, it will appear on the management page. Click the pencil icon to edit the code details or upload a video.

Downloading a QR Code image

To download a QR Code, locate it on your management panel and click the "download" button next to the code you wish to retrieve. A JPG file will be saved to your computer for placement in the yearbook. Make sure when placing this image that you leave the white border around the code graphic to ensure scan-ability. It is a best practice to always test the code multiple times before printing it in the yearbook. 

For additional information, check out the section of our knowledge base.